Cardio Workout for Weight Loss

Cardio workout
If you’re ponytail isn’t swinging you’re not working hard enough!

If you’re trying to lose weight, doing the wrong cardio workout (walking, running, swimming, or biking) might just be the hardest way to do it. All of us know someone who’s lost a ton of weight by running. It is possible and I know your friend did it, but trust me, there is an EASIER way. And most of you hate running anyway, if we’re being honest. When it comes to a cardio workout, less time, more effort is better.

Cardio Workout

Cardiovascular exercise is important for heart health and does burn calories. But it has a dirty little secret, it can actually cause you to crave carbs. Yes, it’s not your imagination that after a long walk on the treadmill you’re craving carbs for the next few hours.

It also creates a lot of wear and tear on the joints if done in excess. Most people doing cardio workouts for weight loss are also carrying extra weight, which further impacts joints.

Extra pounds can cause mobility issues and throw your joints out of alignment, he warns. When you add high impact to an out-of-whack joint over and over again—like you can do when running—you’re setting yourself up for knee pain or an injury, he says.

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This doesn’t mean you don’t need cardio. Of course you do, just MUCH less time and MUCH more intensity. That’s good news though. You’re busy… who has time to spend an hour on the treadmill?

Shoot for 20-30 minutes max of interval training. What does that look like? Walk, jog or swim at a steady pace, then speed it up until you’re out of breath, and slow back down until you catch your breath. Then do it again… and again, until you get to 20 minutes.


If you like to run, or jog, or walk/run here are a few things that will make it easier.

  • Running Shoes – Hooka One One
  • Running Bra – Sheefit (great for bustier women, serious movement reduction)


Cardio workouts cause muscles to contract and relax over and over again. This shortens the muscles over time if you don’t stretch when you’re finished. Click here to read more about flexibility and it’s importance in a balanced workout.