Lazy Biohacker Workout

Plank exercise
Planks strengthen abdominal and low-back muscles and restore core stability.

This page describes a time-efficient, effective workout plan to support weight loss. There are many different paths to weight loss through exercise and this is just one. That said, there is no path without a healthy diet. You cannot outwork your fork. Read that again. If you need to rethink your diet, start here.

Ok, now that we have that settled, here are some key benefits to a balanced exercise routine:

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Increased metabolism and calorie burning
  • Improved muscle tone & ‘shape’
  • Circulating Lymphatic Fluid
  • Correction of imbalances that lead to orthopedic issues

Workout Plan

A balanced workout plan has three main components (1) cardio, (2) strength, and (3) flexibility. Don’t be overwhelmed though, it can be accomplished in less than 2 hours a week. Of course you can do more, this is the minimum requirement. If you’re like me, you already have a busy life and more than 2 hours a week may not be possible anyway. Your fork is the main weight-loss tool. Once you get control over that, 2 hours a week will be plenty.

You can combine all three of these for a single one-hour workout, twice a week. Or, if shorter more frequent workouts are easier for your schedule, you can break them up on different days.

Cardio workout: 2x week, 20 mins

Shoot for 20-30 minutes max of interval training two or three times a week. What does that look like? Walk, jog or swim at a steady pace, then speed it up until you’re out of breath, then slow back down until you catch your breath. Then do it again… and again, until you get to 20 minutes. You can do this with your strength or flexibility workout on the same day, or on a separate day.

No LONG, LOW intensity sessions. Push then recover… then push again, for 20 mins.

Cardio workout
If you’re ponytail doesn’t swing you’re not working hard enough!

Strength Workout: 2x week, 30 mins

You should strength train your full body, twice a week. Use weights that you can barely lift when you get to 10 or 11 reps. Alternate between upper and lower body exercises if you can. For example, do chest press then leg press? It lets your muscles rest and keeps your heart rate up by requiring the blood to shunt from upper to lower body. Do two sets if time allows, it should take no more than 30 minutes. When the weight gets to easy, increase the weight.

No baby weights. You will NOT bulk up from lifting weights. If you don’t believe me read this.

Strength Training Workout
Lift heavy weight. No baby weights.

Flexibility: 2x week, 10 mins

You should do either Yoga or a full-body stretching routine after each strength or cardio workout for about 10 mins, or on its own twice a week for about 20 mins. Don’t be discouraged if it takes a while to loosen up. It’s worth it and will save you a world of pain down the road.

Yoga and flexibility workout
Yoga is like a massage for your brain.