Cardio Routine Myths, Why more isn’t Better

Cardio workout
If you’re ponytail isn’t swinging you’re not working hard enough!

All of us know someone who’s lost a ton of weight by running. Of course, you can spend hours each week painfully pounding the pavement, but trust me, there is an EASIER way. Trainers know that cardio isn’t the most efficient way to lose weight. In fact, I never designed a cardio routine that lasted more than 20 mins.

I used strength training to increase metabolism (muscles burn fat) and diet to shift clients from sugar burners to fat burners through ketosis. That my friends, is how trainers whip clients into shape… not with hours of cardio. Next time you’re in a gym, check out where the trainers spend their time with clients… in the weight room.

Cardio Routine & Cravings?

Cardiovascular exercise is important for heart health and does burn calories. But it has a dirty little secret. With someone who’s not metabolically flexible and eating the standard American diet, it definitely causes carb cravings which can lead to overconsumption of calories and even binge eating.

Girl overeating after a cardio routine
It’s not your imagination that after a long run you’re craving carbs for the next few hours..

The science relates to what type of fuel your body burns during cardio. If you’re not metabolically flexible and primarily a ‘sugar burner’ your body depletes the stored energy quickly during cardio and begins craving replenishment. You’ll carve carbs of all kinds (sweets, chips, pasta, junk food, etc.)

joint pain from cardio routine
Excessive cardio can lead to joint pain and even damage

It also creates a lot of wear and tear on the joints if done in excess. Most people doing cardio workouts for weight loss are also carrying extra weight, which further impacts joints.

Extra pounds can cause mobility issues and throw your joints out of alignment, he warns. When you add high impact to an out-of-whack joint over and over again—like you can do when running—you’re setting yourself up for knee pain or an injury, he says.

Klinkenberg, Brendan. “Can Running REALLY Hurt Your Knees?” 

This doesn’t mean you don’t need cardio. Of course you do. I’m just advocating for MUCH less time and MORE intensity.

Cardio Routine – Interval Training

Walk, jog or swim at a steady pace, then speed it up until you’re out of breath, and slow back down until you catch your breath. Then do it again… and again, until you get to 20 minutes. It’s that simple and all that’s required to take care of your heart and lungs, which is why we do cardio.

Woman walking on a track
Walk, run, bike, swim or dance… just keep it to 20 mins a session, with intervals

Cardio Routine – Equipment?

If you like to run, or jog, or walk/run here are a few things that will make it easier.

  • Running Shoes – Hooka One One
  • Running Bra – Sheefit (great for bustier women, serious movement reduction… kind like a parachute harness, lol)

Stretch PLEASE!!

Cardio workouts cause muscles to contract over and over again. This shortens the muscles over time. Restoring the length of the muscles is important. After each strength workout do a quick stretching routine to restore the length of the muscles.