Keto Cocktails that Make you Forget about Vodka Sodas!

KETO cocktail party - RSVP Skinnies
KETO Cocktail Party!

Unfortunately for us KETO peeps, most cocktails are full of sugar and off-limits. Instead, we end up with dry wines and vodka sodas while everyone else is indulging in fruity island cocktails. It’s that jealousy that attracted me to keto cocktails. The problem is, substituting the sweet flavors was difficult, until I found these RSVP cocktail mixers. While they looked great online, have super clean ingredients, and awesome reviews, I had to taste them for myself. For me, either it’s super good… or not worth the trouble.

Keto Cocktail Mixers

RSVP Skinnies Cocktail mixers come in single flavor packs or variety packs. I opted for the variety pack to try several flavors. Look how pretty it arrived!

RSVP skinnies
RSVP Skinnies Cocktail Mixers Variety Pack

Portable Stick Packs – Keto Cocktails

The keto cocktail mixers variety pack came with four different cocktail mixers. Each pack had an easy to follow recipes that called for club soda and either vodka, rum, or tequila. The cool thing was that each individual box came with several single-serve stick packs. As a road warrior, these little packs come in very handy.

  • Moscow Mule
  • Margherita
  • Maui MaiTai
  • Mojito
Moscow Mule instructions

Rookie Bartender Alert!

I should start off by saying I’m no bartender. Actually, if we’re being honest, I’m a terrible bartender, lol. I’m so bad at fixing drinks that I planned to try these when I had someone else to mix them:) It didn’t work out that way (crazy weekend) but I’m proud to say I made these drinks ALL by myself! I even added a few fresh ingredients to jazz the keto cocktail mixers up a little.

Clean Ingredients

There are a lot of flavored stick packs on the market full of aspartame, fillers, colors and preservatives. Thankfully, Skinnies keto cocktail mixers are sweetened with a combination of erythritol and stevia leaf extract which are both clean, natural ingredients. All the flavors are all plant-derived and they don’t add any garbage fillers or preservatives. The ingredient list is short and clean… my favorite kind.

Skinnies are made from dehydrated fruits & plants, minus the sugar, plus a hint of stevia and erythritol (from plants) that gives a smooth and balanced taste to Skinnies cocktails.

0 Sugar, 0 Preservatives, and 0 Aspartame.
KETO Maui MaiTai
KETO Maui MaiTai

Keto Cocktails – Maui MaiTai

The first drink I made was the Maui MaiTai. It called for club soda and coconut rum. I decided to go with Malibu rum since it reminded me of my college days:) I always loved Malibu rum and used to mix it with diet Coke back in the day. It smells like I always imagine suntan oil would taste. I know that’s weird, but it totally does:)

Anyway, I added the ice, club soda, and rum, then decided to throw in some frozen berries and a squeeze of lime. It literally took less than a minute to make. The berries helped bring out the fruitiness and the lime helped cut through the sweetness. It was a perfectly light, refreshing summer drink perfect for the beach or lounging by the pool.

KETO Mango Margarita - RSVP Skinnies
KETO Mango Margherita

Keto Cocktails – Mango Margherita

I LOVE mango Margheritas in the summer. I literally go to Chuy’s in the summer just for the jalapeno ranch dip and mango margaritas. YUM!! But, they are usually FULL of sugar and they use sugary mixers instead of real fruit. Before the keto sirens go off… I know mangos aren’t normally a keto-friendly food, but this is literally one of my FAVORITE summer drinks. I couldn’t resist.

I lined the rim of a glass with some lime juice and scooted it around in a bowl of Redmond’s Real Salt. I was so excited to see all that beautiful pink salt on the rim!! With my glass prepared, I added fresh mango, lime, some ice, and Camarena Tequila to the blender and whizzed it up. Then I poured the mango mixture into the salt-rimmed glass and topped it with club soda.

All I could think was that if it tasted half as good as it looked it was going to be DELICIOUS. It did not disappoint! Other than being a tiny bit watered down (too much ice) the flavor was AMAZING and very close to a regular mango Margherita! It hit all the layers… sweet, salty goodness from the first sip to the last.

Next time I’ll use frozen mango chunks instead of ice and I think it will be even better. All I need now is a keto version of chips and jalapeno ranch dip!

KETO Moscow Mule
KETO Moscow Mule

Keto Cocktails – Moscow Mule

I’ve recently gotten turned on to this drink. It usually comes in a cute little copper cup that looks like it came right out of the knights of the roundtable. I debated getting a special cup but decided this drink had to stand on its own in my regular glassware:)

The recipe called for vodka but I love ginger beer in Moscow mules, so I decided to add that too. If you haven’t had ginger beer it’s got a little spice to it. You could definitely have it without the ginger beer since the powdered mixer has a slight ginger taste to it also.

I also added fresh lime and mint to round out the flavors and topped it with club soda. If I had a jalapeno I would have added a few slices of that too. I LOVE a spicy mule:) Titos is my vodka of choice but any good vodka will work. The flavors were really good and even after ‘testing’ all four cocktails I almost made a second one of these. Ahhh… but it was a work night:(

Again, watch how much ice you add. My friend gave me a great tip to keep the vodka and tequila in the freezer from now on so I won’t need as much ice next time.

Keto Mojito
KETO Mojito

Keto Cocktails – Mojito

Nothing says summer more than a fresh, minty mojito. They’re the perfect summer refresher on a hot day. Traditional mojitos are made with simple syrup which is basically sugar water. This recipe tastes remarkably similar to a traditional mojito without the sugar crash and calories.

I added fresh mint and lime along with Bacardi rum, ice and club soda. This drink was light, kind of like the Maui MaiTai. I could easily see myself having several of them… which could be dangerous:) It was the perfect drink for a warm summer evening, minty, fresh, and a hint of sweetness. I drank it while watching the sunset on my patio… ahhhhhhh.


After testing out these four keto cocktail mixers I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised. The flavors were good despite my poor bartending skills and flavor additions. They also win major points for being portable and having simple recipes that you can tweak.

Even if I just mixed them in with a vodka soda I think they would be a dramatic improvement. I also like the variety of flavors and liquors that make it easy to suit anyone’s taste. I do encourage you to customize the recipes and add fresh ingredients. Keep your ice to a minimum by using frozen fruit and keeping vodka and tequila in the freezer. All in all, I consider these a major win for keto lovers. If you want to try RSVP Skinny Cocktail Mixers go to and use code Lazybiohacker for 10% off.

RSVP Skinnies Cocktail Mixers

Affiliate Disclaimer: I was given the variety pack at no charge in exchange for an honest review.

Alcohol Disclaimer: Please drink responsibly. If you’re under 21 or have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, please visit my post on delicious non-alcoholic Keto Drinks.

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