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Strong Women are the New Skinny

Strong Women are ‘In’ Scrolling through social media today you’re more likely to see a woman doing a handstand, Olympic lift, or flipping a tire than flaunting a rail-thin physique. The new ideal female physique features toned muscles, sculpted curves, and not so subtle air of power. Articles like Why Strong is the New Beautiful detail this shift in the way society defines beauty. Strong women are now seen as powerful, accomplished, and most notably… beautiful. The concept of being a strong woman — physically and mentally — has become increasingly popular. This dramatic departure from the skinny obsession that’s dominated pop culture for...

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Lymphatic Congestion, Increased Risk for Infection

Lymphatic System Your heart pumps blood throughout your body. Your lungs pump oxygen into the body and send carbon dioxide out. Unfortunately, your lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump. It relies on your movement to pump this disease and cancer-fighting fluid throughout your body. When it’s not circulating well, you can get symptoms of Lymphatic Congestion. Your body relies on your lymphatic system to remove waste, like bacteria, viruses, toxins, and abnormal cells that can lead to cancer. And every step you take helps it do its job. That’s because the lymphatic system does not have an organ like the heart...