The last three years literally everything changed in my life. I relocated with my two children to another state, changed jobs, and rebuilt my life financially. When I began my transformation, my body was tired and my spirit was broken. Overworking, a stressful relationship, and pervasive insomnia became so serious that I began traveling to see specialists. I was experiencing brain fog, puffy skin, and extreme fatigue that eventually manifested into a serious health scare. I still get chills thinking about how far I’ve come.

The first step for me was changing the way I ate. I’ve worked in the fitness industry for 20 years and most people would consider the way I was eating ‘ideal’ with 3 meals and 2 snacks with almost no sugar or fat. What I didn’t realize was that overreliance on carbs, frequent stimulation of insulin by eating too often, and a shortage of healthy fat was fueling inflammation throughout my body and slowly increasing my weight, aging my skin, and robbing my brain of the healthy fats it needed.

Some amazing people helped me along the way, most of them I’ll probably never meet in person. Their blogs, IG accounts, Podcasts, books, and advice helped me embrace a completely different way of eating. From there I began learning about other lifestyle changes that have dramatic effects on health, energy, and vitality. 

This blog actually started as a Trello board where I saved recipes and resources for friends and family. It became so big, with so many cards and so many people on it that I realized there must be a better way to share this information. Just like the Trello board, this blog was created with love to share the tools I used to transform myself, regain my health, my confidence, and my passion for life. It’s literally a collection of all my favorite things. It includes the people, blogs, and products that helped me along my journey.  I hope it saves you a lot of time and makes your process much easier. 

Consider me your health and wellness BFF. I’m a total geek and actually enjoy researching this stuff. My IG feed looks more like a research paper than I’d like to admit. This is my jam and nothing makes me happier than sharing it with others. I’ll do all the leg work and give you the quick and dirty tips to get to you to your best self, as quickly as possible.

In Love, Kelly