6 Keto Drinks that will make you Forget Plain Water

One of the worst parts about adopting the keto lifestyle is losing all your favorite drinks. Plain water gets old quickly. After 8 months on the keto diet, I’ve lost weight, sleep better, and look years younger, but I’m SICK of plain water. Thank goodness I’ve found some delicious keto-friendly drinks that keep me on track. These are my top six go-to drinks for home and on the go. If you were looking for adult drinks… check out my post on Keto Cocktails😉

Iced Coffee – Keto Drinks Reimagined!

Stok iced coffee with heavy cream
STOK iced coffee with heavy cream

Skok cold brew is by far the best cold brew coffee I’ve ever tasted. You can get it anywhere now. I have noticed that Target carries more varieties than the Publix where I shop. Make sure you grab the unsweetened one. The regular unsweet is in the green bottle and they now have an extra bold one (thanks mom) in a purple bottle.

Cold brew coffee is less acidic than regular brewed coffee and usually more caffeinated. Stok has 95g of caffeine per 8oz. That’s pretty similar to most regular coffees.

I add a splash of organic heavy cream and it’s just about the best thing that can happen to a girl in the morning… just about:)

Tropical Collagen Refresher – Keto Skin!

Sparkle Drink mix
Comes in 6 flavors, tropical is my favorite

Sparkle’s collagen-rich drink mix was shared by Dr. Fit and Fabulous on her IG. If you know Dr. Jamie Seaman (AKA MRS. Nebraska), she has amazing skin. After meeting her in person I can assure you she’s stunning and her skin glows. For me, the keto lifestyle has reversed the clock on my skin, collagen has been a big part of that effect.

This refreshing drink tastes like a pina colada… and according to my trusted friend, actually has research to back up the skin-boosting claims, including

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Improves nail health

To be honest, I would probably drink it just for the taste anyway. I make usually take this to go and drink it at the gym or while running errands. This and the Primal Kitchen Chocolate Coconut collagen (see below) are my favorite ways to include collagen in my diet.

Arnold Palmer – Keto Style

Arnold Palmer Keto drink
Unsweet tea with Ultima Lemonade electrolytes

An Arnold Palmer is usually sweet tea and lemonade mixed together. My version is almost as delicious and has the added bonus of added electrolytes and trace minerals. You can carry these Ultima stick packs in your purse and make this on the go or at home. I prefer either the Pure Leaf or Milos iced tea but it really doesn’t matter as long as it’s unsweet. The Ultima flavor I use is lemonade but they make a lot of other flavors that would be good too… like raspberry.

Tip: If you get the larger container instead of the stick packs keep it in the fridge. I’ve had a few that got kind of clumpy when I left them in the pantry instead. It keeps perfectly in the fridge.

Hot Chocolate – Keto Friendly

Collagen hot chocolate keto drinks
Primal Kitchen chocolate collagen with heavy cream

After dinner, this is the most satisfying keto drink. It’s rich, chocolaty, and feels like a sinful dessert. I love the Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel. The flavor says chocolate coconut but I don’t notice much coconut flavor. I get this tub and also carry travel packs.

It also has collagen which is so good for healthy hair, skin, and nails. It’s sweetened with monk fruit and has clean ingredients. You will have to count it as 2 carbs… but it’s worth it:) If you add whipped cream it adds about 1 – 2 more carbs, depending on how heavy-handed you are, lol.

Tip: You can also drink this collagen mix cold and mix with just water or use almond, soy or coconut milk. Best Daughter Ever makes smoothies with it.

Tip: I warm a few teaspoons of heavy cream in the microwave and then add 1 scoop of collagen powder. I top with hot water and use my milk frother to mix.

Flavored Water – Keto Drinks

Flavor mineral and spring water with Ultima Electrolytes

Other than death and taxes, the one thing you can count on in life is you can always find a bottle of water wherever you go. ‘Water enhancers’ like Crystal Light on the market but many of them have questionable sweeteners and chemicals. A friend introduced me to Ultima Electrolytes and I was hooked from the start. Besides tasting amazing and having clean ingredients, they have electrolytes and trace minerals.

I keep the canisters in the fridge for use at home use and carry stick packs when I’m away from home. My favorite flavors are lemonade and raspberry. It takes a little shaking to get them to dissolve, especially in cold water but it’s totally worth it.

Ultima electrolytes with mineral water, best keto drinks for hydration
Ultima Electrolytes with still mineral water

Tip: If you get the larger container of the Ultima electrolytes instead of the stick packs keep it in the fridge. I’ve had a few that got kind of clumpy when I left them in the pantry instead. It keeps perfectly in the fridge.

Sparkling Mineral Water – Keto Friendly

Sparkling Mineral Water keto drinks
San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water

I learned to love mineral water when I was living in Europe. The water we drink here is filtered, but it doesn’t have the minerals of actual spring water that runs over rocks and through soil. Those minerals are important, especially on keto. I prefer San Pelligrino since they have one for the best mineral profiles. To carry with me I grab a six-pack, and I get the larger bottles to keep in the fridge.

Tip: When possible, purchase glass bottles to avoid the leaching effects of plastic bottles. Also, you can use a wine stopper in the large glass bottles in the fridge to keep it from going flat after you open it.

Hydration on Keto

Staying hydrated while on keto is very important. Having a plan that includes delicious keto friendly drinks that you enjoy is critical. Read more about the risks of dehydration on the keto diet here.


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